About Wundoemus® Spice Blend

Wundoemus® is a great ALL PURPOSE Blend with a full distictive flavor that enhances the taste of beef, chicken, poultry & seafood. Chefs shake Wundoemus® on pasta, pizza, pork & popcorn. Fresh tomates, sweet corn, salads, eggs and omelettes all have a flavorful zip with Wundoemus®.

Wundoemus® is a Low Salt Spice Blend that is great wherever it is used. It is the perfect peppery seasoning you’ll always use! Shake it on…It’s just Wundoemus®! Cook it in…It’s just Wundoemus®! On the grill…It’s just Wundoemus®! When you can’t stand bland…It’s just Wundoemus®!

Wundoemus® is famous for what it doesn’t have too. Enriching flavors with NO CALORES, NO FAT, NO CHOLESTEROL and NO MSG!

No kitchen is complete… without Wundoemus®!

A Brief History of Wundoemus® Spice Blend

It all started in some early morning hours in October ’87 when Scott Patchin (Red Pepper) and Tud Bowden (Colonel Wun-Do) decided to create a personal Christmas gift for friends and family. The unique blend was based on a recipe inspired by Freddie Lott who came from a large family and his mother was a long time cook in New Orleans restaurants.

Red and the Colonel altered the proven recipe by reducing the salt and fine tuning some proportions in the other thirteen spices. As it was said in the beginning…It’s just Wun-Doe-Mus¨!

At it’s start, Wundoemus Spice Blend was a favorite in Southwestern Wisconsin where the company is located, but through the years, it’s reach has been far. Restaurants, chefs, grilling enthusiasts, and people who just Can’t Stand Bland around the world enjoy shaking their bottle of Wundoemus Spice Blend!