Rooster Disks

32″ single faced rooster disks mounted below the goose neck lamps on the gable ends with the new remodels. The roosters disks are fabricated and shipped to your store location. They are easily attached by your local contractor.

The rooster disks are constructed from a 1/4 inch thick alumilite panel that will not warp in the heat of the sun. The graphic is computer cut from the highest quality vinyl from 3M.

You can expect these roosters to look good and last more than 20 years!

Window Graphics

Window graphics for entrances are computer cut from the highest quality 3M vinyl. The rooster logo is cut from 3M frosted vinyl to give the apperance of being sandblasted into the glass. The text below is cut from 3M white high performance vinyl for maxium impact and contrast. Vinyl can be shipped to your location for installation by your local contractor.

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