Bowden Signs

Bowden’s Signs has been producing commercial signs since 1981. In the beginning individually hand crafted signs were painted on vehicles, panels, windows, buildings and more. Signs are now produced with the aid of digital photography, computer layout, and high tech materials but still produced with the craftsmanship of a bygone day.


Although materials and techiques in the sign industry have changed and will continue to change, the most important thing will always remain the same. The quality of the design determin the effectiveness of the sign. At Bowden Signs, each design is visual crafted with the years of experience held by designer and owner Tud Bowden.

About Tud Bowden

Tud painted my first truck door when he was a freshman at Cuba City High School in 1968. He was tagged by a friend’s father to letter his truck, “because you can draw” he said. That same year Tud’s design for a new school logo won first place in the school logo contest. The class prophecy of 1972 was written from the perspective of a classmate, who twenty years later, operated a sign business in Platteville, Wisconsin. It was Tud Bowden, he met with old classmates and discussed what they had become in life. It came true.



Tud has always had a keen interest in signs, labels, visual media, and has had a life long interest in commercial art and the sign business. Through the years Tud has shared and gain knowledge from other experts in his field and has been influence heavily by the late Mike Stephens in his design & layout philosophy. This long term involvement in the sign and design field has lead to a visual sensitivity and knowledge of practical business applications for over 30 years of operating Bowden’s Brush Signs.