Outfield Advertising at Legion Field, Platteville WI

Platteville Baseball Outfield Sign Program

To raise money for Platteville Youth Baseball, Inc. (PYBL), Platteville High School Baseball and Softball and the City of Platteville for ongoing improvements and projects at Legion Park.

The goal is to raise at least $10,000 per year through sign sales and donations, beginning in 2012.

Phase I
is the sale of signage to help purchase batting cages. The coin-operated batting cages would create a new revenue stream, designed to ease the financial burden to the City and baseball supporters. Completion expected in Spring 2012, if funding allows.

Phase II
is designed to use sign sales and batting cage funding to maintain and upgrade fields and facilities to make them safer for the youth of Platteville. Work would begin possibly as soon as 2013.

All proceeds from the batting cages and sign sales will go into a trust fund designated for improving or maintaining Legion Park.

The signs will be displayed for all high school baseball and softball contests; Platteville area youth baseball and softball; summer Babe Ruth baseball; adult softball leagues; Home Talent League games; tournaments and special events.

There are four options for signage based on color options. Each sign is constructed of Alumalite and is expected to last at least 10 years. Each sign will be “owned” by the advertiser and will be mounted to the outfield fence at Hill, Chamberlain, Abing or Woodward Fields. Multiple signs can be purchased for multiple locations.

4’ by 8’ horizontal rectangle.

Platteville Baseball and Softball will:
• Arrange to have sign made
• Have sign placed on field
Advertiser/Sponsor Agreement
• Provide artwork, as needed, for sign
• Provide written approval for design of sign
• Pay for Agreement Promptly (within 30 days of invoice)

This Advertisement benefits the youth baseball and softball players in the City of Platteville in numerous ways. Our program wouldn’t exist as it does today without the generous contributions from the members of our community.



1 Color single faced sign $330 / Double faced sign $561

2 Color single faced sign $385 / Double faced sign $624.50

3-Color single faced sign $440 / Double faced sign $748

Sign field white different color sign face add $90

Full color designs $495 / Double faced sign $841.50



Abing Field, Woodward, Chamberlain & Hill Fields
1-3 YEARS: $300/year/sign
4-9 YEARS: $250/year/sign
10 YEARS: $200/year/sign

Checks for annual advertising fee should be made payable to:
Platteville Youth Baseball-Softball.

Should be mailed to:
P.O. Box 94
Platteville, WI 53818